Monday, October 16, 2017

Wonder Women!

I've been a Wonder Woman fan since I was a little girl. I was so excited when I heard she was finally getting her own movie. I was counting down the years, then months and days until I could see it on the big screen!  I was not disappointed. This has become my favorite movie.  If you haven't seen it, you really should!  

I've had this Bustier Purse svg file from Cre8ive Cuts for a while, and finally decided to make it, but with a twist - Wonder Woman style!

I really didn't change all that much from the original file. I omitted the strap/handle, and added some white stars and yellow/gold trim. Rather than ribbon, I used gold cord for the lacing as a nod to Wonder Woman's golden lasso.  

The little piece in the middle is something I fabricated myself, but it's little more than a diamond shape welded to a hexagon and very easy to re-create.

I have this sitting on the desk in my office as a daily reminder that all women are wonder women!  It's an uplifting (as a bustier should be!) message on the days that don't feel so wonderful.  

That's it for today - just a short, quick post. Thanks for stopping by and and remember, 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Spinning Spider Card

I chose to keep this fun kinetic card rather simple. I didn't add a ton of bling because I really wanted the spinning of the spider to take center stage.  

This card is from the Fantasy Foals collection from Bird's SVGs and originally contained a sparkly spinning unicorn. I went with some rather bright and bold Halloween colors, black glitter cardstock and a spider in place of the unicorn. 

The spider I used is from the Spider Venom collection which is also from Bird's SVGs, but you could substitute any spider or crawly critter you desire! 

This is my first time uploading a video clip to my blog, so if it works, fantastic! If not, I'm sorry and I'll try to figure out what I did wrong. Fingers crossed that you can see the fantastic spinning action!  


On the back of the card, I added this EEK sentiment which came from Cricut Design Space. The font really seemed to perfectly match the style of the card.  

I added another spider cutout to the envelope flap as you can see pictured here:

And here's a tip for the envelope. It is not my original idea, but definitely one worth sharing. When I'm making a cardstock envelope that I know won't be used for mailing purposes, I add a Velcro dot as the closure.  This way, the envelope doesn't become too tattered, and the card can be stored in the envelope and taken out time and again to play with. You just know that a fun kinetic card is going to be handled a lot!

There are so many fun, fluttery things you could use in place of a spider. For Halloween I think a bat or ghost would look fantastic too. The possibilities are really endless. What ideas do you have for a fun spinner - I'd love to hear!

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Creepy Coffin Luminary

I just loving making Halloween crafts, and I was super excited to see this creepy coffin luminary released by Bird's SVGs. It's from the new Creak 'n' Shriek collection

Creak 'n' Shriek Collection from Bird's SVGs
If you've read my blog before, you probably know how I adore things that light up, so naturally this was the first project in the collection that I just had to create. 

Not only does this project go together very easily, Bird's assembly tutorial has several helpful tips along the way, including one suggestion for avoiding wrinkly vellum on such a large piece.  Honestly, I love listening to both Bird's accent and her handy tips and therefore watch all of her videos even if I have a pretty good idea how things go together!

I followed Bird's suggestion and used some antique gold Rub and Buff wax to highlight my pieces and it really has a fantastic effect.  You can see it much better in this picture. I love the worn, vintage look this added to the piece.

On the base of the luminary, I added some dried Spanish moss to make it look like this crypt was a bit overgrown. I used some antique gold brads to the RIP plaque.

Last but not least I decided that a black rose with some gold wax highlights was the perfect finishing touch.

I've really been enjoying looking at my creepy coffin luminary every night.  It's just so cool!

Be sure to check out the full collection from Bird's SVGs - there are several amazing projects for Halloween.  I think the pop-up bat card might be next on my list.

Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to hear what you think. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Party in a box!

We have a family member who is coming up on her 100th birthday in the next few months and I knew I needed to make a very special 'card' to celebrate this momentous occasion. The Explosion Box from the It's Your Birthday bundle by Dreaming Tree immediately came to mind.  

I started with the recipient's favorite color, bright red, and began by building the outer panels of the box with it's white glittery ribbon. It looks so festive! 

Next, I had an absolute blast decorating each panel on the inside - I'll take you through each one. I used svg files from a few different places as well as some die cuts, but the majority of the project is the file from Dreaming Tree.

First are my favorites of the whole project - the sequin filled shaker balloons!  I modified the balloon file in Cricut Design Space to create a cutout in the middle of the balloon. I cut out five layers for each balloon and glued them together to create the pocket for the sequins. 

The addition of so many sequins to each of these panels definitely weighs down the flaps, but I just love them so much! I used white vinyl on the front of the acetate to add the "100!" to each balloon.

On the triangular inner flaps, I started by adding this cute little party monkey from Cricut. The recipient loves monkeys, so this was a definite must have. I embellished with some more sequins and tiny confetti which was cut out using the Cuttlebug Celebration Confetti die. 

I added a cute little girl party bear too, also from Cricut, and dyed her tiny hat pompom to match with some Tim Holtz Twisted Citron re-inker. 

Next up, I added a party hat which looks just like the big one in the center of the box:

I wanted to have a Happy Birthday message of some sort, and found the perfect thing in a free pennant file from Bird's SVGs.  I sized the pennant to fit the flap and blinged it out with some gems across the top.

Last but not least, I also wanted to have a place to sign the card and add a sentiment. I used a cupcake card from Cricut's  Sweet Treats cartridge which I sized down to fit. I stamped a sentiment inside the card, signed it and attached it to the flap.  


Here's the final version one more time:

I'm really so pleased with how this all came together. The colors and shaker elements make this feel like a party in a box to me. Now I just have to wait a month or so before I give it to the recipient - can't wait!  I think she's going to love it too.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Monday, July 24, 2017


Have you seen the new Jawsome collection from Bird's SVGs?  It is so much fun!!  

For some reason, I couldn't stop thinking about how I could use these cards for Christmas.
Before the collection was even released, I was making a list (and checking it twice) of puns and sayings I could use with this fabulous fish.  

Here's the first one:

and when you open it up, you get the singing shark wearing a Santa hat on his dorsal fin for the holidays! 

I laugh every time I look at it!

Next up, I turned this guy's frown upside down and gave him a Santa hat too. I also thought it might be fun to put a candy cane in his teeth - I just tucked one in there for now, but might make it double sided before I secure it onto the card because you can see it from the inside too!

On the inside:

Searching online, I found a graphic with a hilarious little edit of the Santa Claus is Coming to Town lyrics. I'm thinking about sticking it on the inside cover of the Santa Jaws card. It goes:

I see when you're swimming,
below you and your wake.
I know if you taste bad or good
so beware for goodness sake!

What do you think - should I add that, or is it too creepy for Christmas?

I created the alternate sentiments myself using fonts Milkshake and Arial Black. I jazzed up the colored words with one of my new favorite products - Wink of Stella in clear. It adds a lovely shimmer to any project and I find I'm putting it on almost everything I make!
It's hard to photograph, but you can kind of see it in this picture on the red SHARK letters.

Since I made a list already, I thought I'd share a few more Christmas puns to go with this Jawsome collection:

~ May your days be merry and bite
~ Sea-cret Santa
~ We fish you a merry Christmas
~ Season's Eatings

I sure had a lot of fun making these cards and the pop-up shark was very easy to put together if you watch Bird's assembly video.  I can't wait for an excuse to make them with the original sentiments. I love the Happy Birthday tag with the bite out of the corner - so funny and clever!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a fin-tastic day!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Bikini Brew - Coffee Lover's Summer Blog Hop

Just a quick post today with my entry for a summer-themed coffee, tea or cocoa project for the Summer Coffee Lovers Bloghop hosted by

The coffee cup is an svg file from the Good Day at the Office kit by SVGCuts.  I put my own twist on the coffee sleeve with the 'bikini brew' label and embellished with some sequins from 28 Lilac Lane and Simon Says Stamp.  The pink bikini is cut using a die which is from the Simon Says Stamp July 2017 card kit. 

This was quick project to put together. It took my longer to choose and add my embellishments than it did to build the cup.

Thanks for stopping by to check it out. I'd love to hear what you think!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

It's Tiki Time!

Lately I've been wanting to make some bright, colorful and beachy summer craft projects. I've had this one in my head for a while. This tiki lantern is inspired from a card in the Club Tropicana kit from Bird's SVGs.

Here's a picture of the kit and the specific card that inspired this project:


These projects had me imagining a fabulous party on a tropical beach somewhere. So of course the party needs tiki torches for after the sun goes down!   

The four-sided lantern 'shade' sits on a base that I adapted from the Bird Cage Luminary base in the Love Birds kit, also from Bird's SVGs.  Instead of using two short and two long base pieces, I just cut out four of the short base pieces to form a square shape. The bottom panel square is 5" and the top panel square is 4", but you could obviously resize this to any size you want. 

One thing I learned through trial and error was to remember the height of the base 'step' that your lantern shade will be sitting on.  I made mine only to discover that when I slipped the shade on, my little tiki guy's toes weren't getting any light shining through because of the height of the base.  I remedied this problem with some bamboo kitchen skewers!

I cut the skewers to fit the width of the base and glue two on each side as risers for the shade to sit on. Ideally I could have redesigned the shade to include more space at the bottom below his feet, but I actually really like the look of the bamboo for this type of project, so I'll just chalk it up to a happy accident.

I embellished with colorful flowers and foliage from Tim Holtz's Tropical thinlet set. And of course I added a little glitter to the hibiscus flower stamen. I do so love glitter and glow!!

I only added the palm 'crown' to the front panel of the lantern as you won't see the other sides where I'll be displaying it, but you could certainly have a ball adding all kinds of embellishments to this little guy. 

I'm so pleased with how this project turned out. The flickering tea light inside really makes this look like it could be a torch. I think these would be so much fun as centerpieces for a luau-themed party!

Anybody ready for a tropical drink yet?  

Thanks for stopping by. As always, I'd love to hear what you think, so feel free to leave a comment below.  

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Shadowbox Collage

I've had so many ideas in my head for what I could do with the Picture Perfect kit from Bird's SVGs.

The kit includes several different sizes and shapes of shadowbox frames as well as a seashore version which can be lit from behind to make a beautiful home decor piece.  Here are a few photos from the kit - beautiful, right?

What I love about this kit is the versatility.  If you spend anytime on Pinterest or other crafty websites, you're sure to see tons of ideas for amazing shadowbox projects.  Shadowboxes are used to highlight everything from rolled flower projects to mixed media collage art as well as gallery walls and special family memories.

The ability to customize the frame to the size you need and to be able to make it exactly when you need it makes this kit a super star in my book.

Last year I made this milk can project, and mentioned at the time that I might make a photo album to
go inside of it.
I never did get around to the photo album, but decided to a do a little collage to highlight one of the photos instead.  Using the Square Shadowbox Flower Frame, I cut out pieces in black and metallic cardstock.

For the frame layer, I distressed the metallic cardstock like I did in the milk can project by sanding and scratching it, and then inking the worn spots with Distress ink in Walnut Stain.  For the inside backing piece, I embossed it with a mesh embossing folder, sanded it down a little bit and added some Walnut Stain on there too.

After that I had some fun picking out embellishments to add to the front of the frame. I'm really a beginner in the world of mixed media and collage art and this part is always a challenge. I'm never sure if I should add more or quit while I'm ahead.  Because of this, I did not add the acetate layer to close up the box. I might just need to add some other items inside that I haven't thought of yet!

The sides didn't really need it, but I had this cool wide tissue tape from Tim Holtz that went with the color scheme and overall feel of the project, so I went around the edges with it. I really love how it came out.

The shadowbox itself is so easy to put together, you could make an entire gallery wall for yourself in an afternoon. I see so many possibilities and uses for these frames in addition to creating them with the flowers and embellishments included in the bundle. I have a feeling I'm going to be cranking these out on my Cricut for years to come!

I'd love to hear what you think in the comments below. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Celtic Love

There's something about the look of Celtic knotwork that I just love, so it's no surprise that I've incorporated that look into a few St. Patrick's Day paper projects.

First is this card which I adapted from the Celtic Charm kit from Bird's SVGs. I used the Celtic Hounds card for the base of my project, but used one of the Celtic Cross stencils from the Celtic Stencil kit to add a glittery centerpiece.  

Have you signed up for Bird's newsletter? I happen to know that there's a coupon code for the Celtic collections in the most recent edition, so you may want to consider it. 

I sized the stencil so that it would fit inside the circle on the front of the card and cut it out of some stencil material on my Cricut. I used Matte Multi Medium to stencil with and then poured Tim Holtz Distress Glitter Dust over the top, tapping off the excess and setting it aside to dry. Once it was dry, I added some foam tape to the back of the circle and added it to the front of the card.  

And I just have to say, this is the most beautiful glitter if you've never seen it in person. It has a vintage mercury glass look to it and the camera just doesn't capture the wonderful sparkle. Hopefully the leprechauns won't make off with this lovely bit of gold!

As I often do with my cards, I cut the liner/sentiment shape and attached it to the inside with a piece of temporary Post-It tape for future use.  The reason I mention this is because I really love how this project turned out and have been admiring it on my desk. Maybe I'll mail it out next year, but for this year it's eye candy just for me!  Because I plan to have it on display, I made a card stand to go along with it.


You can find this card stand in a FREE download from Bird's SVGs called Various. There are these two beautiful card stands as well as some other fun files just perfect for Spring. I'm already thinking of a use for those cute Easter eggs too!

One thing I did was cut an extra 'Stand 2 Layer 2' piece so that the scrollwork detail where I added the green gems can be seen on both the front and back of the stand. The bonus is this also adds an extra layer of strength too, not that you need it.

The other nice thing about these stands are how easy they are to make and how you could customize the colors to coordinate with any card or project you choose to display. 

Last year I made this luminary using the Celtic Cross card which is also from the Celtic Charm kit. Unfortunately I didn't blog about it at the time and have long since forgotten any details, but I know it wasn't difficult to adapt. 

As I have a habit of doing, I'm looking at this project a year later and thinking about adding some gems and maybe a base to sit it on. Always a work in progress!

Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy St. Patrick's Day a week early. I hope you find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!